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Our Guarantee

Our guarantee to you is to tailor a complete decorating service to suit your individual needs and circumstances, to give a step by step specification that informs you of product to be used, number of coats and a start and finish date without interruption wherever possible to ensure a smooth experience that you would be pleased to share with others. We offer a 10 year manufacturers guarantee on product performance (where supplied by the manufacturer), and a 5 year faulty workmanship warranty.

Carbon Reduction

  • Our preferred paint range has been certified carbon neutral by the Carbon Reduction Institute  
  • Use roof cooling paints when restoring or repainting your roof to reduce your need for airconditioning, reducing your electricity usage, carbon footprint and your bills!

Waste Management

Our years of knowledge and experience enable us to accurately determine the amount of materials required to complete your job. Not only will your quote be more accurate, but there will be less wastage at the end of the job.

Sustainable Choices for Decorating

By choosing the correct paints and products we can dramatically improve the Green Factor within decorating.

The correct choice of paint can not only provide a more durable, long lasting finish at a lower environmental cost but it can actually save you money as a result of less maintenance being required and longer cycles between the need to re-decorate!

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