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Low-VOC and Non Toxic Paints

Low VOC Paints For Interiors Residential Painting

stock-photo-13717183-painter-portrait.jpgHad enough of that DIY paint jobs? – Relax….give us a call and we’ll finish it off for you,  so you can get back to spending your time doing something a lot  more fun!

We can bring your home to life by helping you select the right colours that not only suit your personality and décor, but add street appeal and ultimately add value to your home.

Non Toxic Paints For Interiors Residential Painting

At Green Choice we can provide toxin free paints that do not smell, and more importantly don’t release toxic fumes, which can impact on you and your family for many years to come. These fumes are carcinogenic and can cause breathing difficulties, provoke allergic reactions, eye, nose and throat irritations and can lead to liver and lung disease.


.If you or one of your family is pregnant, is an infant or a small child or suffers from Asthma, Eczema or allergies, we would strongly recommend the use of these paints.

Green Choice Painting and Decorating services has the painting solution for any type of home from Heritage listed properties, apartments and units  to a newly completed home.


Heat Reflective Paints

Using our paints it is possible to cut your energy bills by a staggering 15-20%. There are now paint coatings available that can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency and in doing so reduce your air conditioning running costs.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Shielding Paints

With the increasing concern around the health effects of mobile phone towers and high tension electrical towers and substations and domestic meter boxes, there is a need to address this issue.
Our EMR paint almost eliminates the frequency/radiation from passing through the painted surface, protecting those inside from these harmful rays. This paint should be considered by anyone living in close proximity to these facilities.


The use of low or "zero" VOC eco friendly paints and low pollution primers allow for the rooms to be used immediately once dry, reducing downtime or a need to vacate your home. Low VOC paints perform well, are easy to clean, durable and long lasting.

We are fully licenced and insured.

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